Cone beam 3D imaging is a transformative technology in dental diagnostics, offering detailed three-dimensional views of the teeth, jaw, nerve pathways and soft tissues in a single scan. At Broadway Dental Arts, we utilize this advanced imaging technology to enhance the precision of our dental assessments and treatments.

Cone beam 3D imaging is invaluable for a variety of dental procedures, including implant planning, orthodontics and complex extractions. This technology allows us to visualize intricate structures that are not visible with traditional X-rays, enabling us to plan and execute treatments with greater accuracy and confidence.

When you visit our office for a consultation or treatment that requires detailed imaging, our dentist will use cone beam 3D imaging to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your oral and maxillofacial structure. The detailed images help us diagnose issues more accurately and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of cone beam 3D imaging in dental care:

  • Provides a comprehensive view of the oral and maxillofacial areas, improving diagnostic accuracy.
  • Enhances the planning and execution of various dental procedures.
  • Reduces the need for guesswork and allows for more predictable treatment outcomes.
  • Minimizes the time required for certain dental procedures, enhancing patient convenience.
  • Increases patient safety by reducing the risk of complications during treatments.

If you need dental care that requires precise imaging, or if you are interested in the benefits of advanced diagnostic tools, contact us today at 201-797-8600. Schedule an appointment at our clinic in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, with Dr. Metehan Sen or Dr. Sadettin Sen. Experience the difference that cone beam 3D imaging can make in your dental care and treatment outcomes.